Texas Builds Their Own Wall

Fox News Video – November 4, 2021

Biden’s Border Crisis: The state of Texas is building its own wall because Biden’s government refuses to.

The state of Texas has forever been infiltrated with illegal activities from its southern borders. President after president has made the observation and remark that “we” need to curb illegal immigration. But only one president has ever made and was fulfilling the promise to do just that, President Trump. Now that the Biden government has reversed President Trump’s accomplishment of building a wall causing record-breaking influxes of illegals over and over again (creating more homelessness, introducing more diseases, and increases in home invasions, theft, and murder, to name a few issues) in just the past ten months that the Left-wing has had ‘full’ control; however, Governor Abbott and the citizens of Texas have had enough.

Governor Gregg Abbott has taken matters into his own hands to secure the safety of the state of Texas, which in turn, aids in securing the safety of our great nation. By obtaining old, empty shipping containers, the good people of Texas will be able to fill in the gaps with a wall that is near impenetrable and practically impossible to scale (In order to make these containers the perfect wall, they need to bury the first one and then stack them from there up. Let’s hope this is what they plan to do).

Watch the Fox News Broadcast here:

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