Support America’s Small Businesses

Support our nation’s small businesses by purchasing their products and/or services made right here in America.

Businesses purchase from other businesses in order to make and distribute their own products, support your local manufacturers by purchasing American Made Products.

Businesses must have income in order to make their products and provide their services; thus, without income for their products and services, small businesses cannot stay afloat. It’s okay to give away products and services on a limited scale; but without limitations, continual freebies are disastrous to any business. Socialism kills small businesses. Under the new administration, it has been made clear that small businesses are not welcome because they take away finances from big businesses, especially big businesses who send their jobs and ship their products from overseas. While international trade is a good thing, too much of it kills our nation’s small businesses.

While the current administration pushes to increase the national minimum wage to $15.00 per hour, they purposely fail to inform that when you raise the floor (minimum wage) it eventually reaches the ceiling (maximum income) and ends up zeroing out or worse. The administration knows this, it is part of their plan to kill small businesses.

When the minimum wage rises prices rise, taxes rise, jobs are lost, many small businesses go under. This causes people to starve which in turn causes many to turn to crime in order to feed and clothe their families. Many also die of illness and/or disease because they can no longer afford medical help/medicine, along with crime increase comes murder increase as well – yes, this is what our nation is coming to under the current administration.

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