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Proprietor of The Gun Show Almanac.

Educated and experienced in graphic design, web design, and business management – Graduated with honors in many fields including Chancellor’s and Vice Chancellor’s Honor Rolls. I won several design awards during college including Best in Show 2016 Graphic Design Show.

I have dreamed of being in the advertising field since childhood when watching both Bewitched and the Brady Bunch, yes, two family-based t.v. shows gave me my inspiration. While Darrin Stephens was in advertising, Mike Brady was an architect, two different careers that rely on one another to get the best outcome. So I worked diligently and gained an Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design and in Business Management. Graphic (and web) Design requires artistic skills as well as architectural skills. Both sets of skills are taught when learning about Graphic & Web Design. Business Management is required for understanding how to run a small business including understanding consumer products, pricing, and the consumers themselves.


Notice: SoWell Designs does not design or keep up websites (other than The Gun Show Almanac); but, SoWell Designs does design graphics for use on other websites.


Small leaderboards and popups $30 { 728×90 / 250×250 }

Medium leaderboards and popups $40 { 780×160 / 360×280 }

Large leaderboards and popups $50 { 850×315/ / 530×410 }

Extra-large leaderboards and popups $60 { 1200×240 / 600×440 }

Other dimensions are negotiable and may or may not require additional costs.

Add animation for $50.00 per static graphic, not including *templates

  • Templates come with the design program and are not charged for when designing a graphic; however, templates are set to specific sizes and may not be suitable for all graphic sizes and/or needs.
  • Otherwise, animation is a step-by-step process that can be time-consuming.


  • Rectangle
  • Tower
  • Round
  • Square
  • Other shapes negotiable

Graphics designed specifically for use on this website are set at a discounted price

  • Showcase 672×560
  • Leaderboard 728×90 (for header placement – room for one)
    • $25 static
    • Animating graphics is an additional $25 per graphic (not including templates)

*All graphic prices made for listing on The Gun Show Almanac are set and do not reflect SoWell Designs’ prices. See the AFFORDABLE ADVERTISING page for more details


For showcase listing graphics:

For all other graphic orders:

Payments are via PayPal at

ALL design requests must adhere to the code of moral & ethical advertising. When placing any orders, please keep this in mind. By requesting graphic designs, you agree to the terms of the moral code of ethical advertising which includes not contradicting Christian values/morals.

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