Showcase Listings

Showcase listings are graphic listings and are placed at the top of the pages as well as in the listing lineup. – Please keep in mind this means one event per graphic.

In the listings lineup the graphic will appear as a regular accordion-style listing, with the graphic in the header and the event’s details below:



Month YYYY


Events in Border States

Showcase listings always appear first on the webpage and are $35.00 per event for the spaces above the event listings at the top of any state page. Showcase listings on the Home page are also $35.00 per event but are displayed in the left-hand column next to the Listing Line-Up rather than at the top of the page – when viewers use their smaller devices to view the website, the showcase listings still appear first.

Graphics are half price.

Submit your own graphic for the Showcase listings and receive $15 off the cost (graphics must be approved prior to publication).

ALL showcase graphics are 672×560 in pixels (sizes may vary due to your monitor’s graphic settings). Showcase listings at the top of the pages are set in columns of three – Only one column per page – but there is plenty of room for more showcase listings to be placed in the column next to the listing line-up on the Home page.

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