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Raschelle’s Graphic & Web Design Services

Graphic Designer and Proprietor of The Gun Show Almanac.

Educated and experienced in graphic design, web design, and business management – Graduated with honors in many fields including Chancellor’s and Vice Chancellor’s Honor Rolls. I won several design awards during college including Best in Show 2016 Graphic Design Show.

I have dreamed of being in the advertising field since childhood when watching both Bewitched and the Brady Bunch, yes, two family-based t.v. shows gave me my inspiration. So I worked diligently and gained an Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design and in Business Management.

  • I designed:
    • the Arkansas Weather Watchers Logo – you can find my design on their facebook page, their youtube, some of their vehicles and work shirts, and in their office.
    • the G&S Promotions website, and logo – and I keep the site up.
    • the Syracuse Gun Shows website – aka New York State Arms Collectors / Midstate Arms Collectors & Shooters Club – and I keep the site up.
    • The Gun Show Almanac – I am the propritor, administrator, CEO, designer, billing, etc.
    • and I am the administrator and graphic designer of GunShows-USA (which means I do everything from design to taking & filling orders to collecting payments for GunShows-USA).

All web design services are $25.00 per hour with a minimum of a one-hour fee plus a flat rate of $500.00 for site layout/design.
Graphics for advertising on The Gun Show Almanac are only one size and start at $60.00 each static.
Logo graphics for event listings on The Gun Show Almanac are free of charge and are 300×150 px. (If you make your own, please keep the dimensions at or below 600 W x300 T pixels.)

Graphics costs are based on size and whether or not they are static or animated.
Costs start at $35.00 for 728×90 (or equivalent) static graphics and increase from there in increments of $25.00 per size up.
Hourly rates will apply for any animation added to any static design, with a minimum charge of one hour.

Web designs start at the hourly rate plus extra costs…
For web hosting and domain names, it is recommended you find a host and settle on a good site name; otherwise, to have me host it will cost an additional $260.00 per year (includes annual hosting fees, monthly domain name fees, and continual updating service fees). Additional plugins for aesthetics, usefulness, and security will cost extra per plugin cost. For those who request that I provide all services, your arms collector/outdoorsman/prepper event listings on The Gun Show Almanac will automatically be added without the need to contact The Gun Show Alamanac.


ALL designs and websites designed by Raschelle must adhere to the moral code of ethical advertising. When placing any orders, please keep this in mind, you agree to the terms of the moral code of ethical advertising which includes not contradicting Christian values/morals.

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