Midstate Arms Collectors

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Lisle October 11, 2020 & Oneonta November 8, 2020 have been canceled

Sandy Ackerman-Klinger
Show Manager

New York requires all firearms sales at gun shows to be processed by a licensed dealer. Prospective purchasers are subject to the same background check process that applies to retail firearm transfers and all dealers processing transactions must record the transfer, retain the transfer records for 10 years, and make the records available to law enforcement. A National Instant Criminal Background Check must be completed prior to all firearm sales or transfers, including sales or transfers of rifles or shotguns.

Venues and dates lineup – Click on show title for details

Lisle Gun Show

October 11, 2020 – CANCELED

Oneonta Gun Show

November 8, 2020 – CANCELED

Unadilla Gun Show

August 9, 2020 – CANCELED

For Albany and Syracuse Gun Shows, see New York State Arms Collectors Association