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No subscription required to list your event, but is offered!

Special Offers for Subscribers (Promoters)!

Low-cost advertising!

This website is accessible to all, with no subscription required to view and interact with listings.


ALL listings include: (Laid out as seen below)

  • Show dates – Title
  • City, State, zip – Venue Name – Address
  • Public: Days, Times, and *Admission prices
  • Vendors: Table count & costs, and Set up or Load in days and times
  • Promoter: Name, phone – E-mail – Weblink

*Note: Where admission prices are placed depends on how many admission details there are, those with multiple admission prices and discounts will appear below the days and times

Free listings do not include any enhancements, enhancements are optional for full price per enhancement fee per listing.

Subscriptions are an option, subscribers receive added benefits.

Graphics may be purchased or provided by the customer/business.

One listing includes up to 3 page-placements (4th page-placement coming soon)

  • State
  • Year (Individual Month pages coming soon),
  • Home (Home page listings are on a current month basis)
    • Once the current month reaches its last week, the next month’s listings will be added to the page.

Listings link directly to promoters’ websites with the exception of those who don’t have sites (social media is not a trustworthy source of information, listings are shared but rarely seen due to censorship) – those without websites, listings will not link unless they are subscribers to TGSA, of which then, depending on the subscription, they will link to the designated TGSA website pages – again, social media is not a trustworthy source of information – TGSA encourages all promoters and businesses (including vendors) to have their own websites and keep them updated daily.


(Unlimited listings) All packages include one free ‘Promoter’ page.

  • PKG. 1: $50.00 year
    • unlimited listings
    • 10% off all graphic enhancements
  • PKG. 2: $75.00 year
    • unlimited listings
    • 20% off graphic enhancements
  • PKG. 3: $150.00 year
    • Promoter’s business page
    • Up to 6 individual venue pages
    • Unlimted listings (restricted to the 6 venues)
    • Free small graphic or logo pop-up listings.
    • 30% off all graphic enhancements
  • PKG. 4: $300.00 year
    • Promoter’s business page
    • Unlimited individual venue pages
    • Unlimted listings
    • Free small pop-up listings
    • 40% off all graphic enhancements


Subscribers with events receive promoter pages automatically. Otherwise:

  • $25.00 per year if you don’t have any shows to list (For business advertising purposes only).
    • Pages are set up like a business advertisement, or a big business card.

Those with promoter pages are automatically added to the promoters listings on the state pages they promote shows.

  • Show listings are placed on the promoter’s page.
  • Pages are updated weekly

BUSINESS ADVERTISING FOR NON-PROMOTERS: $25.00 per year (not including graphics cost)

Business advertising links will be placed under the “Business Listings” tab – links may be in text format or graphic format (pop-up or banner) graphics costs apply.


VENUE PAGES: $10.00 per year, per venue for subscribers of packages 1 and 2.

Each venue page will include a google map, full details of the event, any special offers or flyer/coupon downloads, and the promoter’s business information, and a link-back to the promoter’s page.

Subscription Packages 4 & 5 receive FREE individual venue pages.


Text enhancements


$5.00 per enhancement, per listing:

  • TEXT
    • Font Size Increase (only one size increase available)
    • Bold Font (Body of listing – Date & Title are automatically bolded)
    • All Caps Font (Date & Title only)
    • *Font color change
    • Highlight (One color)

*Note: Cancellation and Postponement notices are automatically posted in red at no added charge.


Starting at $5.00 per listing

  • Basic highlight – one color – $5.00
  • Enhanced highlight (gradients) – up to 5 colors max.
    • Gradients start at $10.00 for two colors, additional colors add $5.00 per color.
  • Soft colors and Bright colors work best.
  • Rich and Dark colors require font color changes.


  • Pop-Up
    • Small (280 px high by 336 pixlels wide) $30.00
    • Medium (560 px high by 672 px wide) $60.00 (good for social media)
    • Large (1120 px high by 1344 px wide) $120.00 (perfect for social media posts)
  • Banner (315 px high by 850 px wide) $80.00 (perfect for social media cover photo)
  • Make your own and save $$
    • For all patrons who provide their own graphics, make your own and bypass the site’s graphic design costs.
      • There is a $15.00 fee for publishing your static graphic ($25.00 for animated graphics), graphics must be within the size limits stated on this website.
    • Graphics must adhere to TGSA’s moral and ethical code of advertising.


  • New animations are $10.00 per frame (minimum of 3 frames).
  • Pre-made animations are $25.00 per graphic.
    • Once an animation is made, it is regarded as a pre-made animation.
    • Some animations are already made, meaning the program used [to make the graphics] has some premade animation options, these animations are $25.00 to add to each graphic.
Event listings only.


Placed at the top of the page for immediate viewing.

Graphic cost + $7.00 per week | Per event, per page – space is limited to up to 6 listings – graphics sold separately.

The layout for this option is 2 rows of 3 pop-up style graphics, separated from each other (no space sharing), and each has its own link.

  • The row is placed above the listings near the top of the page.
  • Each page is limited to 2 rows (6 listings).


  • All event listings may be placed on additional state pages for $10.00 per event listing, per state page.
  • Listings will appear under the Nearby Events tab in the listing section on the state pages.
  • No monthly fees required.
  • Subscribers of PKG. 4 receive this option free of charge.

All prices are subject to changes as the economy demands.


Most payment options are negotiable.

Bitcoin is not recognized as a form of currency at this time.

Fast & Friendly Service is Guaranteed

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