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ALL listings are FREE

No subscription required ever, low-cost advertising, listing enhancements optional and available.

Graphics may be purchased seperately or provided by the customer/business.

Listings link to the venue’s page with addtional dates for that venue – the promoter also recieves a basic page with their business information and a lineup of the venues and dates of their events.

Listing enhancements are optional for enhancement fees.

Additional listing offers:

Flash Bar listings – $10.00 per week, per event date.

  • Draws special attention to that one date.
  • Add graphics, google map, for enhancement fees.

Listing Enhancements:

Text enhancements are $5.00 per enhancement, per listing: bold, size up, italicized, colored, fancy font – unlimited enhancements (within the limits of enhancements available).

Highlighted enhancements are $10.00 for each listing: soft colors, bright colors, dark colors – some bright and all dark colors require font color changes, TGSA chooses the color free of charge or you choose for an additional $5.00 per color.

  • *Highlighted listing
    • Basic highlight – one color
    • Subscription/Showcase listings choice between a basic highlight or **gradient highlight.
      • **Gradients start at $15.00 for two colors, additional colors add $3.00 per color
        • *Some gradients are very dark or rich, font color may be changed for better viewing at no additional cost.

Graphic enhancements are in pixels and laid out width by height.

  • Pop-Up $50.00 (500 x 350) $50.00
  • Banner (850w x 315h) $70.00

Google Maps

  • Show the viewers where the event is and the how to get to it.
  • $5.00 per map embed
Event listings only.


Placed at the top of the page for immediate viewing.

Enhancement cost + $10.00 per week – per event, per page, per listing format – space is limited – graphics sold seperately.

The layout for this option is a row of four 500×350 graphics, separated from each other, no space sharing, and each has its own link.
The row is placed above the listings near the top of the page.
Limited to four showcase listings per page.

*Nearby State listings:

  • All listings may be placed on additional pages for $5.00 per week – per event, per page.

Flash Bar listings:

This area is conditional, See FLASH BAR LISTING NOTICE

  • The flash bar shows on every page of the website at the top, just below the header – $10.00 per week.
  • Limited to 10 weeks max (time limits may vary, please watch for updates).

FLASH BAR LISTING NOTICE: The Flash Bar will be used for State of Emergencies and Special News Alerts; all event listings in this space will be placed on temporary hold for up to 7 days, depending on the alert – otherwise, the event listings will appear in their normal spaces throughout the website. After 7 days, news alerts will be removed from the flash bar and event listings will resume. Any time disrupted by emergency activity may be credited.

*Offer and prices are tentative.

Payments may be made via the phone or via PayPal invoicing, other payment arrangements are negotiable, contact for details.

Special offers for promoters who pay to list on GunShows-USA

AUTOMATIC highlighted listings

Promoters with Banner listings for 2021 on will receive free highlighted listings on The Gun Show Almanac.

Watch for special offers.

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To save on additional graphics costs, before you order graphics or other enhancements, please be sure your dates and/or venue changes are confirmed. Please confirm your dates before advertising your events – pending dates will not be added to the listings, but will be added to the promoters’ pages.


Only one credited graphic or other enhancement(s) per cancellation.

Postponements are treated as cancellations.


Pay Now option is under consideration at the time, for now, please contact us concerning orders and payments via email

Payments can be made through the PayPal invoicing system, PayPal-to-PayPal, by phone, or set up for auto bill pay.

An account with PayPal is not required for making payments.

Bitcoin is not recognized as a form of currency at this time.


All pages on this website are set up for sharing to social media, if your social media icon does not appear, contact TGSA to see if it can be added to the list.

Graphics made for this site will be available for free sharing and use on other websites for the sole purpose of free marketing for The Gun Show Almanac and its Owner.

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Invoicing payment options are negotiable, online payment options are not available at this time. All payments are via PayPal. Most credit/debit cards accepted. Can pay by PayPal-to-PayPal, invoice, or phone. To make requests and/or payments by phone, please send an e-mail to request the phone number – This is to avoid continual spam, robo, & phishing calls; thus, The Gun Show Almanac phone number will not be posted on its website or its Facebook page.