The Gun Show Almanac

About The Gun Show Alamanac


The Gun Show Almanac is an online directory of events related directly and indirectly to gun ownership and true patriotism.

Event promoters put on the shows – TGSA lists and advertises them.

Event types include:

  • Gun & Knife (including militaria and antique weapons)
  • Motor & Outdoor Sportsman (Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Boats – Hunting, Fishing, Camping)
  • Prepper – Self-sufficiency – Agri
  • Artisans & Flea Markets (Strictly related to the above-listed items)
  • Training & Classes related to all the above.

Listing details include the following:

  • The dates
  • The title of the event
  • The place of the event
  • The public hours and admissions
  • Vendor table rates and set up dates & time
  • The event’s promoter contact information.

Please contact the promoter of the event(s) for details not included in the listings. Promoter contact information and, when possible, web links are included with each listing.

Most articles on this website are listed as news categories and are linked back to the trusted news sources where their articles/news were first published. Otherwise, guest posts are not allowed (but are being considered).

While this website does offer free listings, it does encourage purchasing listing enhancements for the sake of keeping this website online, and equally so, for the sake of advertising and marketing the events listed on this website, in doing so, more attention is brought to the listing, more visitors to the shows, which in turn creates more income for the businesses, and more products for the public – it’s a win-win situation.

The name and url of the website, The Gun Show Almanac, is tentative and subject to change depending on the outcome of the 2020 elections – should gun shows need to go underground.